Clean Face Kit

Kale + Peppermint Beauty

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Searching for a skincare line that is filled with super-ingredients and powerful antioxidants? 

Looking for a clean, simple skincare regimen, without an excessive amount of steps?

Purchase our 3-Step Clean Face Kit box. It's packed with clean, plant-based + organic ingredients. Gentle, safe and easy enough for tweens, teens, adults, women + men; however, powerful enough to produce astounding results!


Kit includes: 

- 2oz Bottle of The Skin Goddess Facial Serum (Eye + Facial Rejuvenation Serum)

- 8oz Jar of our creamy Coconut Milk Facial Cleanser

- 4oz Bottle of our Sea Salt Facial Toner

Spoil yourself and your face with some of our amazing facial products.

Warning: Your face is guaranteed to feel soft, hydrated, cleansed, and healthy!

Items are free from the following:

• Chemicals

• Fragrances

• Perfumes

• Synthetics

• Additives

• Preservatives


100% all natural and plant-based.