For MEMBERS Only! (FMO) Skin Therapy Service

Kale + Peppermint Beauty

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We target the issues and treat your skin with our powerhouse of a facial!

FMO Monthly Charge of $155.00 will grant you access to an Exclusive Membership, which includes:

  • A unique customized SkinTherapy treatment in just 45-60 min.
  • One targeted treatment per month at a flat rate
  • Any Skin Enhancement add-on (at NO additional charge)
  • Your very own customized robe
  • One guest pass per year (after your 12 month commitment)
  • 25% off on in-house skincare and professional grade skincare products
  • 25% off on all retail, apparel and accessories- in house and/or website

Every treatment starts with a double cleanse, facial sculpting, which is followed by a form of exfoliation and treatment of the skin. The Skin Therapist will incorporate a skin modality, or two, which can include radio frequency therapy, high-frequency therapy, dermaplaning. LED therapy, extractions, etc. Your facial is topped off with the best of skin serums and crèmes, and of course, SPF! We finish every skin treatment with a relaxing round of facial sculpting.  

Membership Length


For Members Only! (FMO)

$ 155.00 / Renewal

Renews every month. Can pause or cancel membership once the 12 month commitment has been reached