Eye + Facial Rejuvenation Serum

Kale + Peppermint Beauty

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Experience a facial serum that has no synthetics, chemicals, toxins, fragrances or any other unnecessary additives.

100% plant-based, this product will rejuvenate, and restore hydration and life back into your skin!

This mighty oil in a bottle has been known to aid in the reduction of puffy eyes; helps with the reduction of wrinkles, dark circles/spots; can help with tightening of the skin, and will give your face a youthful, radiant glow.

This bottle is packed with plenty of benefits that your skin will definitely benefit from!



- Argan Oil

- Sea Buckthorn Oil 

- Grapeseed Oil

- Jojoba Oil

- Apricot Oil

- Vegetable Glycerin Oil

- Blueberry Seed Oil

- Rosehip Seed Oil

- Vitamin E Oil


- Made. With. Love.